TikTok foodie’s quesadilla recipe is instant gratification

Yumna Jawad goes by Feel Good Foodie on Instagram and TikTok where she shares easy, nutritious recipes with millions of followers. Jawad learned to cook through long phone calls with her mother after realizing she wanted to provide homecooked meals for her family. Now she drops that knowledge on social media. And there are quite a few gems. 

Her easy three-ingredient peanut butter cookiesmicrowave mac and cheese and homemade protein bars are just a few social media hits. But her toaster quesadillas are a real stroke of genius. We all want instant gratification — and carbs and cheese.

“Quesadillas in a toaster! A college kid definitely thought of this,” Jawad wrote in the caption

All you need is a toaster, a soft tortilla and your favorite shredded cheese.  

To get started, lay your tortilla flat on a board or plate. Spread the shredded cheese on the top half of the bread. Next, fold the bottom half over. Then fold the two sides inward. Place the quesadilla pocket in the toaster. Cook and enjoy the quick snack.

The protip racked up 5.5 million views. Many people tried Jawad’s recipe and got great results. 

“I tried it. It worked out really well and it’s a perfect 4 a.m. snack,” one TikTok user wrote.  

“I tried this. Omg. It’s so good,” another said

“Honestly, I loved this! Tried it and yes, beautiful for a quick snack,” one person added

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