TikTok found the best alternative to lash extensions — and we had to try it

Bold eyelashes are on trend and luckily, there are lots of ways to get long, voluminous lashes. 

Some opt for lash extensions or perms, but In The Know’s Lisa Azcona decided to try a cult-favorite alternative. Rumor has it drugstore brand Kiss’s Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit is an easy at-home dupe to extensions. 

TikTokers are claiming that this is a perfect alternative to lash extensions,” Lisa explained. “Getting professional lash extensions can be expensive and require tons of maintenance. But if you’re like me and want to hop on the lash extension trend without the commitment or the price tag this looks like a pretty good option.” 

Lisa tried the Falscara lash kit to see if it’s really worth the hype. 

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Credit: Ulta

First, she made sure her eyelashes didn’t have any mascara on them and applied a light coat of the “bond” product to her lashes. 

“Honestly, I love that you can apply it like mascara, it makes the process less intimidating,” Lisa said.

Next, she grabbed the set of lashes. Each eye is sorted into five sections. 

“This is super cool because it makes you feel like you’re applying real lash extensions,” she remarked.

Lisa then used the accompanying applicator to place each wisp under her lashes on the base of her eye, slightly away from the outer edge of her waterline. She pressed the lashes in with the applicator. 

Finally, she applied the “seal” product to lock in the lashes. The transformation is obvious. Lisa’s lashes look at least twice as long, more defined and voluminous. 

“I love the fact that the falsies are applied underneath the lashes instead of on top of them,” Lisa said. “I think it really helps create that natural finish that I was looking for. The microbands that hold the lashes together are definitely more hidden than regular falsies which is the plus.” 

“Since the lashes come in five pieces you can customize your look however you want,” she added.

There were a few bumps throughout the process, however, as it was Lisa’s first time using the Falscara kit. 

“The process took a little bit longer than I expected, it was my first time trying this, so patience is key,” Lisa said. “But my lashes look super voluminous and I’m kind of obsessed with them.” 

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