TikTok user spots ghostly intruder in the background of her dance video

Need your daily dose of spookiness? Look no further.

A TikTok user’s seemingly normal dance video went viral when commenters spotted a figure lurking behind her.

User @chlohartx shared footage of herself dancing passionately to a mash-up of the B-52’s “Love Shack” and Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” as one does — but if you look closely, you’ll notice a mysterious blur in the background.

“Had no intentions of ever posting this but look behind me on the stairs,” she wrote in the video. “I’m home alone.”

After she waves her hands above her head, a ghostly figure appears to go down the stairs. She doesn’t notice it in the video, so the realization must have come later when she watched the footage back.

The TikTok has received 2.6 million likes and 24.5 million views since she shared it in January 2020.

Most users left comments saying they “do not claim the negative energy” in the video.

“I don’t claim this negative energy get some sage girl pls just watching this gave me such bad vibes and chills,” one user wrote.

“Lord give me strength I sweat you better say this is a joke rn,” another said.

“You’re not home alone anymore, love,” a third commented.

Since then, @chlohartx has shared several posts explaining what happened that night and debunking common theories.

She said it wasn’t a dog or a person in the background, and even shared a slowed-down version for those who didn’t notice the figure at first.

She also denied that it was a light trick or a stunt involving a door, as popular theories suggested.

We may never know the true cause of the mysterious blur, but maybe it would be best to invest in some sage, just in case.

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