TikTok divided over video of woman’s revenge on fellow plane passenger

Viewers are divided over a viral TikTok that showed a woman getting revenge on the person sitting in front of her who kept flipping her hair and blocking the TV on the back of the seat.

Janelle Elise Flom uploaded the video to her account after supposedly filming it on a flight at the end of November. It has since racked up over 10 million views.

In the video, the woman sitting in front of Flom is seen mashing a wad of chewed up gum into another passenger’s hair. Infuriated that the person doesn’t seem to notice and doesn’t move their hair, she proceeds to cut parts of the hair off with nail clippers, sticks a lollipop in there too and then dumps the ends into her coffee cup.

But still, the girl continues to flip her hair over the seat.

“Whose side are you on?” Flom captioned the video.

For the most part, people deemed the hair flipping a major social faux pas.

“I fully support their actions,” someone commented.

“At first I thought it was awful until she showed her putting the girl’s hair away from her and the girl kept putting it back,” another added.

But to many, the video seemed too crazy to be real. For one thing, the girl never reacts to the sensation of gum being pressed into her hair.

“That HAS to be a wig and this is staged,” a top comment says.

“Come on that’s a wig!!! Totally staged!!! You think after she flipped it she didn’t feel all that stuff in her hair!” another pointed out.

Others pointed out that the flight attendant who walks by hilariously seems to either ignore or dismiss the feud that’s brewing in the cabin.

“The flight attendant said, ‘I just mind my business,'” a TikToker joked.

Although Flom has neither confirmed nor denied whether the video is fake, this is the second controversial and viral TikTok about a staged prank on an airplane. A TikTok comedian got in trouble after uploading a video where he claimed he managed to grill a steak in the bathroom during a Delta flight. Delta didn’t think it was very funny and eventually, he had to take the TikTok down. It’s up in the air whether these staged TikTok pranks are better or worse than the 2019 trend where people seemed to always be barefoot on flights.

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