A hack for getting rid of headaches is confusing TikTok users

A TikTok hack on making headaches go away has users puzzled for its absurdity.

On Dec. 15, user @mich.esmeraldaaa posted a clip in which she places a glass of water upside down on her head with a towel in between. As she zooms into the glass, bubbles can be seen rising to the surface.


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“So I had seen this thing on TikTok, where if you do this and you have a headache, it’s supposed to take it away,” she says. “So I’m doing it and what the f***? This is so weird. Just put a towel over your head and a glass of water. I think it’s working.”

The hack, which has since received 297,000 comments, drew plenty of comments from users who tried to explain the bubbles’ existence.

“It’s called witchcraft bruh lol,” one user joked.

Others, however, seemingly came up with more plausible answers.

“It’s just micro air bubbles rushing through the cloth and into the glass,” another wrote.

“It’s literally just air coming into the glass as the water goes into the towel,” a third posted.

But as far as whether @mich.esmeraldaaa’s hack actually works for headaches? That’s up for a different debate. Some users in her comments said they had tried it before and felt better, while others simply suggested that taking some Tylenol — yes, Tylenol — would work better.

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