Here’s your guide to all the most popular TikTok hair trends — good and bad

TikTok is full of all the latest hair crazes but not all of them are actually reliable. 

Knowing which hair trends to avoid is key because there have been some serious fails. Like the time Tessica Brown used Gorilla Glue as setting spray and wound up in the hospital. Or when people sprayed perfume on their hot flat irons (thanks to a fake viral video) — a practice that can cause hair loss. Even innocuous trends like tricks to cut your own bangs or to get a wolf mullet can lead to serious mishaps. 

Fortunately, experts from Headquarters, a new research-based haircare line have weighed in on a few of TikTok’s most popular hair trends. 

Does rinsing your hair with rice water result in longer hair? 

Nope. There’s no scientific evidence that supports the theory that rice water makes hair grow faster, according to Good House Keeping. However, this East Asian beauty ritual does have some serious merit. Rich in starch, amino acids, vitamin E, vitamin B9 and antioxidants, rice water can fortify your hair’s strength, repair hair and boost hydration.

Does parting your hair the same way lead to hair loss?  

Gen Z is a fan of the middle part and condemns the so-called “cheugy” side parts of millennials. However, both generations should know rocking the same part every day can have serious consequences. When you part your hair in the same place, you weigh down the area which can lead to breakage. Over time, the hair along the part will also become thinner. Moreover, the scalp at the part can become overexposed to sun damage that may also cause breakage. 

Does using mayonnaise as a hair mask actually make it shiny? 

This hair hack actually works. Mayonnaise contains olive oil, egg yolk and vinegar which conditions the hair and adds shine. It is particularly beneficial to those with hair on the drier side because mayo is very oily. 

Is adding coffee grounds to your washing routine help with hair health?

Research has shown that caffeine can enhance your hair’s texture and appearance. Caffeine can help stimulate growth by increasing blood circulation to hair follicles and blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that can cause hair loss at high levels. It can also make hair smooth, reduce frizziness and increase moisture. 

Is it a good idea to incorporate aloe vera into your hair routine? 

Yes, aloe vera has fatty acids and vitamins A, B12, C and E, which can all help strengthen your hair. It can protect hair from UV damage, soothe an itchy scalp and balance greasy hair. 

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