Confused about all those TikTok houses? Here’s your guide

TikTok houses are collectives where social media creators live and make content together. You can assume these luxury mansions are located in southern California, unless noted otherwise. 

Here’s the rundown on each house and its members.

1. Hype House

Founded by Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou in 2019, Hype House is, essentially, home to TikTok’s popular kids.

Members: Chase Hudson, Connor Yates, Alex Warren, Addison RaeAvani Gregg, Wyatt Xavier, Ryland Storms, Nick Austin, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Kouvr Annon, Thomas Petrou, Calvin Goldby, James Wright, Jack Wright, Patrick Huston, Larray, Kelianne Stankus, Nate Wyatt, Mia Hayward, Hootie Hurley and Michael Sanzone

2. Sway House

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the sway squad

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Sway House is the not-so-subtle frenemy collective to Hype House. Founded by Talent X Entertainment, this is where TikTok’s bad boys reside. 

Members: Bryce HallBlake GrayNoah BeckAnthony Reeves and Kio Cyr are the current members, after numerous departures

3. Clubhouse BH

Created by Daisy Keech and Abby Rao. Keech cofounded Clubhouse after leaving Hype House. She alleged that Petrou took $18,000 from her but wouldn’t give her much power in running the collective. 

Members: Tessa Brooks, Sebastian Topete, Isaak Presley, Abby Rao, Chase Keith, Mariana Morais, Kinsey Wolanski, Charly Jordan, Christopher Romero Leslie Golden, Teala Dunn, Carrington Durham, Isabella Durham, Katie Sigmond, Emmy Combs, Alecia Montes, Alexa Montes and Lindsay Brewer

4. Shluv House

Before it was an official collective, Shluv Gang was the name of the community surrounding comedic dancer Michael Le

Members: Spencer X, Michael Le, Jonathan Le, Javier Romero, Matthew Gonzalez, Michael Uy, Derek Graham, Jon Klaasen and Elyssa Joy

5. Kids Next Door (K.N.D.)

Marcus Olin founded this house with seven other members in May 2020. These newbies are at least trying to respect their neighbors.

Members: Stephanie Margarucci, Marcus Olin, Jesse Underhill, Hailey Ona, Brandon Westernberg, Jack Riyun, Claire Hesser and Alex King

6. Clubhouse Next

Clubhouse Next is the five-member sister house of Clubhouse featuring fresh faces as opposed to social media heavyweights. 

Members: Jessica Belkin, Ahlyssa Marie, Michelle Wozniak, Dylan Shogo and Rad Shogo.

7. Byte Squad

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scooby doo👻

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Byte Squad is the U.K.’s first TikTok collective. Located in London, this six-member squad is known for taking jabs at Hype House and pranking each other. 

Members: Shauni Kibby, KT Franklin, Monty Keaes, Sebastian Lazarou (Seb), Jake Sweet (SurfaceLDn) and Lily Rose

8. V@ult House

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This the homies

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Run by influencer marketing agency Six Degrees of Influence, V@ult House is full of rising TikTok stars

Members: Addy Tharp, Cayman Rhodes, Devyn Winkler, Jackson Krecioch, Kaylee Pereira, Bryce Xavier, Peyton Sama, Rave Vanias, Mariano Castano, Kieth Pichardo, Maile Hammahz, Malcolm Saurez and Kiera Vanias

9. Vibe Crew L.A. 

This house is for young creators aged 10 to 15. The Vibe Crew currently has 18 members and the collective mostly focuses on dance. 

Members: Lilliana Ketchman, Walker Bryant, Madison Rojas, Lexi Hernandez, Evan Hernandez, Merrick Hanna, GiaNina Paolantonio, Lexy Kolker, Ava Kolker, Indi Star, Txunamy Ortiz, JD McCrary, Enzo Lopez, Corinne Joy, Stefan Benz, Artyon Celestine, Akira Akbar, and Elliana Walmsley

10. Not A Content House

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The New Queens of L.A 👑👑

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This all-girl group Not A Content House formed in August 2020. Most of its members are between 16 and 18 years old. 

Members: Katie Sigmond, Lauren Kettering, Madi Monroe and Ava Tortorici. 

11. Wave House

The Wave House is the U.K.’s second TikTok collective. It’s actually quite mysterious. The (fancy) mask-wearing members reveal their true identities little by little, so it’s unclear who each person is. 

Members (so far): Eloise Fouladgar, Jimbo H, Kate Elizabeth and Bobby Moore

12. Icon House

Icon House is a rebranding of MyHouseLDN following allegations that one of its members sent a minor sexual messages. It’s another U.K. house and while all of its members haven’t yet been revealed some are former reality TV stars. 

Members (so far): Elis Watts, George Harrison, Josh Ryan and Luke Mabbot

13. Bay House

Bay House is located in St. Petersburg, Fla., and launched in November 2020. Only a few members have been announced.

Members: Danielle Cohn, Desiree Montoya and Jazlyn G.

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