TikTok influencer shares hilarious impression of airline pilot trained by Gen Z

Buckle your seatbelt! This TikToker’s impersonation of an airplane pilot who was trained by Gen Z will have you rolling in the aisles.


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Cyber Bunny (@therealcyberbunny) is a TikToker who shares humorous observational videos about Japanese culture and her life in Tokyo. The TikToker also likes to turn her comedic eye to the surreal and often hilarious habits of Gen Z. In a recent video, Cyber Bunny did an impression of an airplane pilot who had listened to too much Gen Z slang, and it absolutely slayed!

The video begins with Cyber Bunny using a makeup brush as a make-believe headset. She sits in front of a green screen image of an airplane cockpit. A caption reads, “When you are trained by a Gen Z.” 

“This is your captain speaking,” she begins. Then she looks at the camera conspiratorially and unleashes a barrage of Gen Z slang and expressions.

“Moshi moshi, konnichiwa, ara ara, my kings and queens and everything in between,” she begins. “The vibrations on this plane is low key sending me.”

“The clouds are a little sus today,” she continues. “But as your captain, I’ll make sure we finesse this. IYKYK, right fam?”

Then the hilarious TikToker tells her imaginary passengers about the range of snacks and beverages on the make-believe flight.

“If you would like any of our complimentary snacks and beverages, or you just wanna spill the tea, grab any one of our fabulous cabin crew, and Heather will be right out,” she says.

“Thank you for flying Japan Airlines,” the TikToker concludes. “Owari. Periodt.”

TikTokers enjoyed the Gen Z spin

Viewers were cracking up at the spot-on Gen Z pilot impersonation. 

“The makeup brush as the mic just makes this that much better,” one TikToker pointed out. 

“I need an airline based on this,” commented another viewer. 

“Bro, I was actually laughing out loud,” another viewer exclaimed.

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