TikTok influencer shows off her mom’s massive ‘Barbie Dream House’ closet

Influencer Batsheva Haart is a fashion vlogger on TikTok who, let’s just say, is no stranger to a lavish lifestyle. The 27-year-old typically shares videos shot from her family’s massive home or the castle they casually rented for vacation


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One of Haart’s most-viewed videos is a simple tour of her mother’s closet. The clip is kind of a tongue-in-cheek answer to the haters. 

“You have to stop taking videos of your mom’s closet,” she says in a sarcastic voiceover. “We get it, she has a cool closet. We’ve seen it come down to your height and turn. We know her closet looks like a store, her shoe rack is super cool and she has every shoe imaginable. We’ve seen the crazy accessories. You need to stop.” 

The massive closet has clothing racks that robotically move forward, ones that adjust their height and others that rotate. It’s jampacked with designer clothing and a boundless shoe rack. Then, of course, the walk-in closet wouldn’t be complete with a shelf full of luxury accessories and handbags. 

Haart’s video received over 6 million views. It’s certainly one way to see how the other side lives. 

“If that was my mom’s closet I would never come out,” one user commented

 “Do you live in the Barbie dream house?” another person commented

“This lowkey looks like Hannah Montana’s closet,” someone added.

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