TikTok is blown away by the ‘Titanic-level’ flood this retail worker found at work

A hardware store employee is going viral after sharing the “inexplicable” crisis she encountered at work.

The employee, named Latasha Presley, shared the incident on TikTok, in a video that’s now been viewed more than 11 million times.

Presley’s clip, which was allegedly filmed inside a Lowe’s in Tennessee, the TikToker details the day she discovered a “Titanic-level” flood in the store’s bathroom. Her video shows the bathroom completely covered in water, as she and another employee attempt to push back the mess with giant brushes.

She then approaches the source of the disaster — a toilet which is somehow spewing out water as intensely as a fire hydrant.

“Work in retail they said, it will be fun they said,” Presley captioned her clip.


Work in retail they said, it will be fun they said. ##retail ##loweslife ##fyb ##YouGotIt ##LittleBitFancy

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The video drew thousands of confused reactions from commenters. Many wondered how a flood so massive could have even occurred.

“How did this even happen?” one user asked.

“This is how the titanic really happened,” another joked.

Others said the mess was so severe that Presley should’ve considered quitting.

“I would’ve quit right then,” one user commented.

“‘I don’t get paid enough for this’ [is what] I would have said and then quit my job and said ‘you can deal with it,'” another suggested.

Presley did follow up to explain the flood, although it’s still unclear how long her clean-up actually took. In a series of subsequent TikToks, she said that the situation began when an employee who used to be a plumber tried to fix one of the store’s toilets.

“It basically blew on him,” Presley explained.

She also told her followers about an oblivious customer who, somehow, tried to use the bathroom in the middle of the mess.

“My manager says, ‘Can I help you?'” Presley explained. “And [the customer said] ‘Uh, I have to go to the bathroom?’ It’s out of order if you couldn’t tell!”

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