TikTok is fascinated by this viral animal chiropractor

Apparently, animals need chiropractors too. 

Dr. Joren Whitley is a human and animal chiropractor with Oklahoma Chiropractic Group. Whitley can be spotted cracking the backs of all kinds of animals on his TikTok account, including snakes (which are one long spine, apparently), llamas and bearcats

But Whitley’s most viral adjustment is on a horse. The chiropractor stands on a platform so that he can adjust the animal’s back in the video. Whitley pushes down on the horse’s spine and the animal is surprisingly calm.

So why do animals need chiropractors? Well, it’s because they have spines just like people do. Some pets suffer from arthritis, injuries or just the wear and tear from aging much like their human owners.

“Animals have a spine just as we do and it requires care in the same fashion that our spines do,” the practice explains. “Your pets often put their bodies through situations that can have lasting effects that you will notice with repeat veterinarian visits as they get older.”

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