TikTok is freaking out over this viral video of a woman saying ‘I love you’ to her boyfriend for the first time: ‘just sobbed in a walmart’

Was the first time you said “I love you” as cinematic as this couple’s? Probably not.

TikTok user @ja.g04 and her boyfriend have gone viral after she shared the intimate, adorable way she professed her love for him. The sweet video has more than 10.7 million views and 3.1 million likes.

While taking photos in a photo booth, @ja.g04 cozies up to her boyfriend. For the third photo, she decides to say those three magic words — and his reaction is too sweet.

“I love you,” she’s seen saying as the third flash goes off. Her boyfriend’s eyes go wide, and his mouth opens as he processes what he’s just heard. Slowly, he turns to her, and they kiss.

When asked by one user if he said it back, @ja.g04 reveals that he was actually the first one to say it. “yes he’s been saying it but he knew i was never comfortable with saying it, he says i don’t need to though cause he says i show it with my actions.”


Naturally, TikTok had some pretty visceral reactions to @ja.g04‘s video. Users across the board are feeling a type of way about how perfect and cinematic this moment is.

“just sobbed in a walmart,” @madsteaparty wrote.

“OMG THIS LOOKS LIKE A MOVIE SCENE,” @joeybadassluva said.

“not me actually smiling at my phone bc of this,” @cam_kangas replied.

“im …… gonna need to process this… for a year…,” @kateglavan revealed.

“THE VISUALS, THE SONG, HIS REACTION BRB CRYING,” @bondagebrutality admitted.

@ja.g04‘s TikTok has even garnered reaction videos.

“pov: your watching that photo booth video where she tells the guy she loves him for the first time,” @kaley5258 writes.


The girl in that video is breathtaking too omggg

♬ original sound – Danielbrrd

A declaration of love inside a photo booth where the moment can be immortalized forever? Say less.

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