TikTok is loving this woman’s elaborate work-from-home ‘hack’

Months of working from home has brought new levels of creativity out of social media users.

That’s especially true if that creativity actually involves avoiding work.

This seemed to be the case with a TikTok user named Amy, who is going viral after sharing her “hack” for staying online when she’s away from her keyboard. The hack, at its simplest, is a rotating fan that Amy has attached to her mouse with a reusable straw.

“For legal reasons this is a joke,” she captioned her video, which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times.


for legal reasons this is a joke ##vineenergy ##wfh ##workfromhome ##BearWeek ##Phrog ##BeatsDaisyChallenge ##keepingbusy ##fyp

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Amy’s device is designed to keep her status labeled as “active” in whatever group messaging platforms her company uses. Apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, for example, will change a person’s status to “away” if they don’t use their mouse or keyboard for an extended period of time.

The elaborate hack received plenty of praise on TikTok, with commenters calling it both hilarious and “genius.”

“If TikTok shuts down, I’ve leaned all I need to know,” one user wrote.

“For legal reasons, I will definitely not also do this,” another added.

“This is the most 2020 thing I’ve ever seen,” another joked.

Others found the device unnecessary, though. Many users commented that there are easier ways to keep your status as “active.”

For example, there are downloadable programs that will keep your mouse moving at regular intervals (but, also for legal reasons, this writer is definitely not condoning them!). Some users suggested other ideas, like playing a YouTube video or PowerPoint.

“Bruh just look up 10 hour videos on YouTube of the ocean,” one user wrote.

However, it’s clear the concept has some staying power. Months later, a new version of the hack went viral on TikTok, thanks to user @meaghan.brown88. In her version, the TikToker used a simple rotating fan to keep her mouse active — all while enjoying some coffee outside.


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