TikTok is obsessed with mochi donuts. Try these 5 tasty recipes!

Mochi is a bite-size Japanese treat made of sweet glutinous rice flour that’s easy to make at home. Now, mochi donuts are taking over TikTok! If you’re already a mochi master, here are five mochi donut recipes to up your game. 

1. Ube glazed mochi donuts


get some rice flour and pancake mix & make yourself some mochi donuts! #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #mochidonuts #mochi #food #quarantine #baking #donut

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No donut list is complete without a glazed option. And this recipe from TikTok user Christine (@christineesyy) does not disappoint. Christine forms the dough into little balls to create the iconic mochi donut shape using a blend of rice flour, pancake mix, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt. After frying the donuts in a pan of oil, Christine tops them off with an ube glaze made from a bright purple yam. Bon appétit! 

2. Mini mochi donuts


Mini Mochi Donuts! We went overboard with the decorating 😆Inspo by @ohmykahd #daiso #foodie #daisofinds @izzalai #recipesforyou #dessertrecipe #diy

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Charm your friends at your next party with these mini mochi donuts! TikTok user and artist TLai (@hellotlai) made these bite-size treats using a tiny donut mold. With a mouthwatering assortment of sugar, cinnamon and berry glazes, this recipe proves there’s a mochi donut for everyone.

3. Dark chocolate and hazelnut spiced mochi donuts

This mochi donut recipe is not only a chocolate lover’s dream — it’s also gluten-free! TikToker and baker Andria (@thepuffaron) decorates the donuts with a blend of chocolate ganache, cream and spice. In part 2 of this recipe, Andria tops them off with toasted hazelnuts. The result is a decadent array of chocolate-y donuts. 

4. Matcha mochi donuts

Matcha and mochi are a match made in TikTok heaven. This matcha mochi donut recipe from TikTok user ayas.bites (@ayas.bites) combines freshly baked mochi with a matcha glaze. Top with chia or sunflower seeds for a healthy garnish that also provides some crunch.

5. Vegan sweet potato mochi donuts

If you’re in the market for a Mandarin lesson with your mochi donut, this recipe from TikTok user Christina Yin (@cristina_yin) provides both. Sweet potatoes serve as the main ingredient for this vegan dish. The result is an array of golden brown donuts that look so tasty, you’ll want to reach your hand through the screen and grab one!

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