TikTok is obsessed with this dessert shop’s cotton candy art

Food blogger Tram has one goal: to make you hungry. Her TikTok is dedicated to introducing her 654,000 followers to interesting bites around California. 

One dessert shop may be thanking Tram after it went viral thanks to a video she recorded there. Polar Playground specializes in cotton candy art. and ram’s tour of the shop blew up when she showcased some of its delectable creations. 

“Would you play $12 for this?” Tram asked. “Polar Playground, a viral cotton candy shop in Huntington Beach, allows you to choose your own character and you can watch them hand make it in front of you. I ordered a Kirby but you can get this awesome unicorn, Baby Yoda, a Mickey Mouse pumpkin, Jack [Skellington] or even a cute sloth. The characters are endless.” 

Tram’s video featuring the fluffy, pink Kirby got over 3.3 million views. 

“$12? I would sell my soul for one of those,” one person wrote. 

“It’s too pretty to eat,” another said

“I would feel bad eating that masterpiece,” someone commented

Polar Playground seems to be incredibly popular, so it has notoriously long lines. Tram suggested going early in the video. Meanwhile, one user commented they waited in line for four hours and another said they waited eight. 

“If there is a long line outside then we may cut the line early so we can accommodate guests already waiting in line for the night,” Polar Playground said on Instagram

Some of the other characters the shop offers include Venom, Pikachu and  Homer Simpson

“The cotton candy characters are best to be enjoyed fresh as cotton candy naturally melts. Each cotton candy character is handcrafted and takes time to make — it is an ART,” Polar Playground stated

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