TikTok is obsessed with this ‘sustainable’ McDonald’s in Australia

McDonald’s Australia opened its first-ever “green” restaurant in late 2020.

Now, TikTok users from around the world are obsessed with the location. It’s all thanks to a viral video from user @nrrbb.b, who gave a tour of the one-of-a-kind store.

The restaurant, located in the southern state of Victoria, uses 100 percent renewable energy and features carbon-neutral deliveries. As @nrrbb.b showed in her clip, it also contains plenty of unique designs.

Among them: a recycling center for unused Happy Meal toys, a “green wall” of live plants and framed artwork from children in the community. There are even charging stations for electric vehicles.


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The sustainable McDonald’s is the first of its kind in Australia, although it echoes similar steps taken at some U.S. locations. That said, it was many users’ first experience with the concept of a “green” McDonald’s.

“We need more of these,” one user wrote.

“This makes me happy,” another added.

“OK this is amazing,” another wrote.

However, others were less praiseworthy. Some wrote that eco-friendly locations were the “least” McDonald’s could do to make up for its overall impact on the environment.

“Why they do this but can’t make a vegan burger,” one user wrote.

“Sounds like eco-branding, not actual sustainability,” another added.

“Too little too late,” another wrote.

The new McDonald’s Australia location is actually part of a larger strategy, which the company announced in 2018. Worldwide, Australia has been making an effort to reduce its environmental footprint — including making all of its packaging renewable or recyclable by 2025.

As for the video, viral clips of chain restaurants are nothing new either. TikTok is full of tours inside unusual fast food locations, whether it’s California’s “fanciest” Taco Bell or Arizona’s “blue” McDonald’s.

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