TikTok is obsessed with this twisted bacon recipe


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This TikToker is putting a new twist on bacon… literally!

Abby is a TikToker under the username House of Keto (@houseofketo) who shares tons of creative, keto-friendly recipes on her account, including a creative way to prepare bacon that had viewers’ mouths watering.

In the video, Abby tells viewers to prepare bacon by twisting it into tight spirals. She claims that twisted bacon is crunchier than traditionally prepared bacon. Plus, you can fit more of it on a baking sheet. And who doesn’t want the maximum amount of bacon?

The recipe for twisted bacon is simple. The first step is—you guessed it!—twisting the bacon. According to Abby, tighter twists make for crispier bacon. If super crispy bacon isn’t your thing, she recommends simply making looser twists for a chewier texture. After your bacon is twisted, place each slice side-by-side on a baking sheet.

Next, season with salt and pepper or whatever seasoning you would normally use to spice up your bacon. For her twisted bacon, Abby uses everything bagel seasoning.

Finally, cook the bacon at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 40 minutes. If you want your bacon to be less crispy, just cook it for slightly less time. 

The result is a pan full of super crispy bacon that looks fancy and tastes great. 

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for the deliciously easy recipe.

“This is genius!! Thank you,” wrote one ecstatic TikToker.

“This would be good with maple syrup or brown sugar,” another suggested.

Abby isn’t the only one who swears by twisted bacon. Other TikTokers have been adding their own creative twists to the already-twisted recipe.

One TikTok user made twisted bacon wraps by rolling the bacon up in cheese-coated tortillas. 

Another TikToker used the recipe to make extra-crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches for her family. She also recommended adding an egg to your twisted bacon BLT to make it even more decadent. 

Other TikTokers started experimenting with seasonings, adding everything from extra-spicy spice mixes to parmesan cheese

Who knew there were so many ways to cook bacon?

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