TikTok is swooning over boy who communicates with his girlfriend when he’s grounded: ‘this is so bridge to terabithia’

A teenage boy on TikTok has people swooning over his dedication to his girlfriend.

Newark-based creator @higlyrespected posted a video on TikTok in which his friend is seen communicating with his girlfriend — despite being grounded.

“When you get grounded but you have to communicate with your gf,” reads the video text.

Peyton Merckling (@peyton.merckling) is seen on a school bus, attentively looking out the window.

“There she is,” someone says.

Merckling waves at his girlfriend before throwing what appears to be a handwritten letter inside a resealable bag out the window. She catches it, and his friends rejoice.

The video, while just 18 seconds, made an impression on TikTokers — it has more than 9.6 million views and 2 million likes since posting last week. Many have praised Merckling for how creative he got in communicating with his girlfriend.

“This is peak teenage romance and I love it”

“The simplicity of high school relationships will always be some sort of form of love to me,” one user wrote.

“knowing that I will never get to experience silly teenage romance breaks me,” another said.

“this is so bridge to terabithia,” a TikToker wrote, referencing the 2007 film.

“This is peak teenage romance and I love it,” someone replied.

When it comes to teenage love, if there’s a will, there’s definitely a way.

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