TikTok is swooning over how this boyfriend hypes his girlfriend up when she’s ‘not having a great day’: ‘This. This is the bar.’

Influencer William Seremetis (@willyumgregory) has captured TikTokers’ hearts with a sweet video he posted with his girlfriend. People have fallen in love with their interaction and how deeply he seems to care for her.

“pov: hyping my girlfriend up when she’s not having a great day,” he writes.

“What are we about to do right now?” William asks his girlfriend.

“We’re gonna go get brunch,” she responds.

“And what are we gonna do after that?” he replies.

As the video continues, William’s girlfriend answers each of his questions. “Go to Sephora,” she says. “And what are we gonna get at Sephora?” he asks. “Fenty lip-plumping gloss,” she replies.

“Exactly,” he adds. “Those lips are gonna be going crazy.”

William then asks his girlfriend what they’re going to eat and watch when they get home. (They’re eating snacks and watching a movie followed by The Last of Us, by the way.)

“Didn’t know this was something I wanted but it’s on my list now”

In just two days of posting, William’s video has 1.7 million views and 357,900 likes. Many TikTokers believe William’s treatment of his girlfriend to be “the standard.”

“If it ain’t like this I ain’t want it,” one user commented.

“Didn’t know this was something I wanted but it’s on my list now,” another said.

“This. This is the bar,” someone wrote.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference — like hyping your significant other up when they’re feeling down.

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