TikToker goes viral for creative ‘Isolation Cooking’ series

If you had to be stranded on a desert island, there are just some things and people you’d hope you could bring along.

Jago Randles is one of those people.

Randles is an English chef who has endured his fair share of quarantining as he continues safely traveling for work. While isolating in a hotel room in Canada, Randles felt inspired to start a cooking series on TikTok called “Isolated Cooking,” where he shows viewers how he’s able to cook proper meals with the appliances he has available.

Since starting his TikTok account at the end of November, Randles has accumulated almost 125,000 followers and racked up millions of views.

His most popular TikTok — which clocks in at over 10 million views — features the 23-year-old cooking chicken on an iron and heating up eggs and asparagus in the hotel room’s coffee pot.

It’s certainly unconventional, but you can’t deny how perfect his egg looks — like, almost too perfect.

Credit: jagoscrandles / TikTok

“College meal but make it fancy,” one person commented.

“This feels illegal,” another added.

Randles told TODAY that he started the series because he was very bored quarantining for two weeks in Canada. He also addressed critics who seemed concerned over the state of the appliances after he leaves the room.

“[The hotels have] not said anything to me, and I made sure to leave no trace in the room,” he said. “I’m not sure if they’re aware of the videos yet!”

But someone who has been made aware of the videos is chef Gordon Ramsay, who seemed very impressed while reacting to one of Randles’ videos.


#duet with @jagoscrandles This looks better than many dishes I’ve had in Hotels ! #ramsayreacts #fyp #tiktokcooks #foodtiktok

♬ original sound – Jago Randles

“That looks like some decent food!” Ramsey says in the clip. “Certainly better than any food I’ve seen in any hotel.”

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