TikTokers are sharing mistakes they ‘learned the hard way’ to help you avoid them

TikTokers are sharing the biggest mistakes they’ve, unfortunately, “learned the hard way” so that you don’t have to.

The stitch trend started with a video posted by Rachel Pederson (@themrspedersen), in which she asked, “what’s the biggest mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help people to avoid?”

She then went on to share her own hard-learned advice — “don’t get matching tattoos with your best friend. It’s only cool until you’re not best friends anymore.”

“Friend breakups are 10000% worse than bf breakups. I will die on this hill,” one viewer commented on the original video.

Tons of TikTokers have since jumped on the trend to warn people against making their own worst mistakes.

User @therealmelindastrauss shared her advice on getting a belly button piercing for anyone who is also considering ever getting pregnant — namely, don’t.

“See, what happens is you get the belly button ring and then you get pregnant,” she said in her video. “And then your belly stretches, right? Your belly gets really really big … and so does the hole from the belly button ring.”

“And then everything deflates after you have the baby,” she continued. “And the hole from the belly button ring, it doesn’t just go back to the way it was … it becomes like a second belly button. And it’s not cute.”


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TikToker Joy Drayton (@the.j0y) shared her own advice, which is to not let others pressure you into “settling” for any reason — especially your age.

After years of questioning from her family on why she had not yet settled down and started a family, Drayton said that she ended up lowering her standards “for a man that didn’t treat me up to par.”

The pair later ended up divorcing — and the same people who pressured her into her marriage were nowhere to be found for emotional or financial support during the difficult break-up.

“You wait for your king or your queen,” she advised. “Don’t settle!”

Shonda Martin (@shondamartin_), a certified credit educator, advised fellow TikTokers to “never under any circumstance cosign” a loan or a lease “for anyone.”

“I don’t care [about] their relationship to you, I don’t care how bad you feel for them,” she said. “As soon as they go down, your credit score and you will go down with them.”


#stitch with @themrspedersen don’t do it!!!!

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And TikToker Terra Joy (@thesagesoul) shared that following her college graduation, she finally realized that enjoying life should always be prioritized over proving your worth to anyone.

“I chose external validation over myself,” she said. “I chose being the straight-A, 4.0 perfectionist over my f*****g sanity. Never again.”

“You don’t deserve to get to the end of your life and wish that you had done it different,” she added. “You can start doing it different right now.”

There you have it, folks — go forth and be wiser.

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