TikTokers are sharing the most unique life hacks they learned as children

TikTokers are sharing the most “unique” life hacks they learned as children, and honestly, the knowledge here is power.

“So here’s a question for everybody,” user @powerfulweak1 said in the video that started the trend. “What is one unique life hack you learned as a child that you still use to this day?”

“And I’m not talking about that basic ‘put salt in your pasta water’ bulls**t,” she added. “No. What, like, what is something very niche and like, specific, that you wouldn’t find on like a listicle on the internet.”

Very serendipitous way to put it, considering those tidbits have now landed right in an internet listicle, but we digress.


Every organization has their own language and terms #lifehacks #religion

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Anyway, the powerful tip shared by @powerfulweak1 has to do with convincing religious recruiters to stop relentlessly knocking at your door — which may particularly prove useful amid the global pandemic, where you truly don’t want anyone knocking on your door.

“If you’ve ever had a Jehovah’s witness at your door and you don’t want them coming back for a while, tell them that you’re ‘disassociated,'” she shared. “That word specifically — say you’re disassociated. It won’t keep them away forever because they’re actually trained to, like, keep returning to houses over and over again in order to break you down or in case you move, but it will work for a good chunk of time.”

The TikTok quickly went viral with over 353K views, and prompted other people to share their own childhood life hacks.

User @nirvana_rose1 chimed in to share a powerful stain removal technique that she claims can even get red wine stains out.

“If you get baby powder, salt and water and soap, and you mix it together, it will get anything out of anything — red wine, oil — anything out of any color. It will get red wine out of whites, for God’s sake, it will get [out] anything.”

“You don’t need to like, wash it either,” she continues. “You just get a little [cloth], rub it in there, dry it off that one spot — completely fine. I use it every f*****g day when I spill something on me while I’m eating, I just wipe it off.”

Another brilliant hack shared by user Gary Good reveals a nifty way to try on pants without setting foot in a dressing room (or indecent exposure, for that matter).

“Pants — don’t wanna try ’em on?” he asks. “Make sure they’re buttoned, wrap ’em around your neck. If it touches in the back, they’ll fit. If there’s a gap, they’re too small.”

And finally, TikToker Amanda Marroquin demonstrated that apparently everyone has been taking fried beans out of the can the wrong way since forever.

Watch her artful demonstration below.

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