TikTok loves this disabled veteran and his viral recipes

Aaron Hale is co-founder of Extra Ordinary Delights (E.O.D.), a confectionary shop with an inspiring backstory. 

Hale is a blind military veteran who uses a cochlear implant to hear. He began cooking as a way to deal with his personal setbacks and now drops delightful recipes on TikTok

Some of his best tutorials include his viral pumpkin pie and how he makes steaks while “cooking without looking.” 

Hale was an explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) technician in the military until 2011 when an improvised explosive device (IED) went off and left him blind. But Hale didn’t consider this much of a setback, as he went on to run marathons, go solo white water kayaking and climb mountains. Then in 2015, a rare case of bacterial meningitis took his ability to hear too. 

With his wife, McKayla Hale, at his side, he opted to get cochlear implants to regain his hearing. But the process required multiple surgeries and would take several months — so Hale started to cook to pass the time. 

“It gave me that distraction to help me take the focus off the pain that was going on, physical and otherwise. I had something to look forward to,” Hale said

While experimenting in the kitchen, Hale created E.O.D.’s specialty fudge. Now the couple sells their chocolate treats — like mint alps, strawberry white fudge and glazed pecan caramel — to people all over the country.

“It wasn’t until we started making fudge that I really saw him light up,” McKayla said. “Once we started getting orders, he was excited to be in the kitchen with a mission to accomplish and a product to give to others.” 

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