Child hospitalized after attempting TikTok magic trick

A girl in Roseville, Mich., was hospitalized after trying to imitate a TikTok magic trick.

According to WDIV, doctors said they had “never seen anything like it” when two parents rushed their 8-year-old daughter Dhakota to the hospital.

She was copying a “magical” stunt shared by TikTok user gregsabbak in which he pretended to swallow a die and then made it reappear after five seconds.

Dhakota couldn’t find a die, so she used a quarter instead. She went into the bathroom for a few minutes before emerging to explain what happened to her parents as she struggled to breathe.

“She said she couldn’t swallow,” her father told WDIV. “She couldn’t breathe hardly, and that’s when me and her mother started to panic.”

He said they took the girl to two different hospitals before a doctor was able to see her.

“I didn’t know how bad the situation was until they brought the X-ray back and I saw the quarter right there in her esophagus,” Dhakota’s father said. “It killed me, man.”

He explained that the quarter was lodged sideways in her throat, and doctors kept her overnight to do an emergency procedure.

“This could happen to any child,” the father told WDIV.

Thankfully, she’s out of the hospital now and recovering. Her parents said she’ll be seeing the doctor again soon to make sure she’s staying on track.

It might seem like this goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway — do not try this at home.

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