Makeup artist shares secret hack to make your highlighter really pop

Ketheny Dutka shares simple beauty tips and recommendations on TikTok. Some are the kind of hacks that make you wonder why you never thought of them yourself while others are just cool products you may not know existed — like latex tape that makes painting nails mess-free or how to get rid of puffy eyes

One of her most viral videos is a simple highlighter trick to give it that extra pop

“This is how it looks when you grab your highlighter powder with your dry brush and deposit it on your skin,” Dutka demonstrates in the video

She does a swatch of the dry highlighter on her wrist. The shimmer is visible but not much else. 

“If you grab your setting spray — any one you have — and apply it on your brush, then apply the highlighter,” Dutka says. “Look at the difference. It’s popping.” 

Dutka spritzes on Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray to her brush, then dabs it into the highlighter. When she swatches it this time, it is glittering and pigmented. You’ll definitely get much more out of the product Dutka’s way since you’ll need less powder to achieve the same results. 

“Thanks, I will be trying this in the morning. Appreciate it, girlfriend,” one TikTok user wrote

“Something so simple that changes the highlight game,” another said

“Yesss, summer vibes,” one person added.

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