5 TikTok matcha latte drinks that are peak #aesthetic

Matcha is creating a soothing sea of green on TikTok. The trendy and #aesthetic drink is reaching peak popularity on the video platform, with each new video dreamier than the last. 

Matcha is a type of green tea made by taking young leaves and grinding them into a powder. It boasts plenty of health benefits like helping fight diabetes, heart disease and some infections, according to WebMD. But health benefits aside, it’s also just nice to look at! Here are five matcha drinks on TikTok that are peak #aesthetic. 

  1. Potted plant matcha latte

potted plant series pt 2: matcha🪴 #matcha #matchalatte #homemade #easyrecipe

♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

The green hue of matcha is reminiscent of Earth and nature, and this matcha drink from @milkteamali takes that inspiration to a whole new level. To give the latte a potted plant look, the TikToker makes a regular iced matcha latte and tops it with crumbled Oreo pieces and what looks like a sprig of mint. “This is tooo aesthetic,” one user commented in approval. 

2. Marshmallow matcha


Had a lot of leftover marshmallow so here’s a marshmallow matcha latte 👻 #matcha

♬ Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy

Is this not the dreamiest drink you’ve ever seen? Home barista @samishome used her leftover marshmallow to make a very pillowy matcha drink. She made a matcha latte as usual and used marshmallows to sweeten it up. This drink will definitely have you on cloud nine. Or 10!

3. Mango matcha latte


MANGO MATCHA🍵🥭 #recipes #tiktokrecipes #matcha #matchalatte

♬ original sound – courtandnate

This colorful matcha drink from @courtandnate puts homemade mango purée at the base of the drink, tops it with ice, your milk of choice and then your matcha. Now the fun part. Once you’ve poured your layers, you get to mix it up and watch the colors swirl! This one definitely looks as good as it tastes. 

4. Alphabet iced matcha


A matcha latte with a name tag 🍵#matchalatte #icedmatcha #matcha #matchatea

♬ Peaches – Justin Bieber

Why not incorporate some light reading into your drink order? Matcha fan @piquetea froze matcha into letter-shaped ice cubes that spell out, well, “MATCHA,” of course! The result is a super fun and cute iced matcha drink that doesn’t water down when it melts.

5. Iced matcha with berry cream


Watch till the end💚💖 Iced Matcha w Berries Cream🍒 #happyholidays #coffee #matcha #caffeinication

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

Who doesn’t want their matcha drink with a pink cloud on top? Matcha lover @caffeinication made their own berry whipped cream topping for a colorful and sweet cherry on top! One TikToker even commented, “This drink is literally prettier than me.”

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