Teen outrages TikTok with McDonald’s drink experiment

A TikTok from 17-year-old Mikah Neufeld has started picking up traction, thanks to the teen’s accusation that all McDonald’s drink cups hold the same amount of liquid.

In the video, Neufeld, who is wearing a hat and a headset (although it’s unclear whether he actually works at the fast food franchise), pours Coke from a small soda cup into a medium-sized one, and then finally a large one. The soda appears to reach the same point in all three cups.

“They do be lying to us,” Neufeld captioned his TikTok, which racked up almost 12 million views.

If you have trouble believing this or feel scandalized that you were paying a couple of cents extra for a larger Sprite from McDonald’s, you’re not alone. Most of the people in the comments felt the same way.

A lot of viewers accused Neufeld of filling the latter two cups with soda before starting the video, telling him to pour the same soda amount in the opposite direction to further prove his accusation.

Neufeld responded to the slew of comments with several clown emojis.

But another user replied: “I worked at McDonald’s and this is true, always say no ice or ice on the side (in another cup) and only order smalls, NEVER mediums.”

“It’s kinda true,” another commenter chimed in. “I work there too and ice takes a LOT of place in the cup.”

If you’ve gotten to this point of the article and wondered why you’re reading this, or how this TikTok became so viral, you’re in the same. boat as Neufeld.

“Why did this even get viral,” someone asked.

“Tbh I have no idea,” Neufeld responded.

After further research — a visit to Reddit’s “Is It Bull****” forum — this “experiment” is definitely debunked and people just like playing along with the joke.

“I used to work at McDonald’s,” one Redditor explained. “A large (US) is 32 ounces and a medium is 21. So yes, bull****.”

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