Mom’s ‘brilliant’ meal prep method has TikTok divided

Meal prep is all about opportunity cost — the more you do now, the less you have to worry about later.

A mom on TikTok is taking that concept to some pretty extreme limits. The TikToker, Amanda Ranit, is going viral on the app with a video that shows how she plans four weeks of breakfast for her family — all at once.

Ranit’s clip, which has drawn more than 760,000 views, shows why the mom makes “about 100” breakfast sandwiches at once.

“These save me SO much time on school mornings. My kids love them,” Ranit captioned her video.


##mealprep 🙌🏻 these save me SO much time on school mornings. My kids love them! I’m always getting questions about how I do these, so here you go

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Ranit explained that she preps the sandwiches, which resemble a sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s, at the same time. Then, she bags them and puts them in the freezer, where they’re ready to be heated up each morning in her air fryer.

The mom noted in her video’s comments that she has a family of four, adding that it takes about four weeks for the sandwiches to disappear.

By the calculations of this writer (who hasn’t taken a math class since his freshman year of college), that means there are only about three days each month that the family isn’t eating them for breakfast. Ranit did explain, however, that she occasionally mixes up the cheese and meat.

TikTokers largely praised the meal prep hack, calling it “brilliant” and “amazing.”

“A lot more cost-effective than buying a pack of 4 pre-made ones at the store. Love it!” one user wrote.

“Wow, that’s a great idea,” another added.

Some users were a little taken aback though. A few commenters found the meal prep overwhelming — and questioned why Ranit needs to plan so far in advance.

“You can literally do this in 30 seconds each morning,” one user claimed.

“How big is your family?” another joked.

Ultimately, the hack all depends on how much you like sausage McMuffins. If it’s enough to have them every day for four weeks, Ranit’s method is probably worth a try.

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