TikTok mindset coach wants you to rethink failure: ‘We think [it’s] a negative thing’

Mindset coach Stefanie Elsperman wants to help people find their life purpose and achieve their goals.

Thus, it’s no surprise Elsperman shares advice on how to get into a better headspace, boost your self-worth and manifest your dreams on her popular TikTok — like in her “three things to quit ASAP for unstoppable confidence” video, for example. 

care-free, dancing Elsperman says to stop deflecting compliments, second-guessing your opinions and judging yourself before you walk into a room. They are simple steps that anyone can internalize and employ when they’re feeling down. 

But the guru of positive vibes is also here to subvert your expectations to transform your mindset. Her video on how failure is actually the best thing that ever happened to you is a great example. 

“A lot of the time we think that failure is a negative thing,” she explained. “We think it means we let someone down. Or, like, we’re not good enough. Or, like, we’ll never succeed. And these are all just B.S. things that our lower selves tell us in order to keep us in our comfort zones.”


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Elsperman says that in reality, failure is just another opportunity to learn. 

“Because every time something goes wrong, you get an opportunity to grow,” Elsperman said. “You get an opportunity to flex your agility muscle and try something in a different way. So the next time you feel like you have failed, reframe it as a challenge, as a learning opportunity.” 

The more you know, the more you grow!

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