TikTok mom claps back at postpartum body-shamer: ‘I see your mom shaming’

If you were planning on mom-shaming Rachel Pedersen (@mrspedersen), think again. The popular TikToker responded to an insensitive comment on a video with some words (and dance moves) of her own.

It all started when a fellow mom and TikTok user left a body-shaming comment on one of Pedersen’s previous videos, in which she showed off her post-baby body.

“Why don’t you just work out? I’ve had two kids and I exercised and ate right. Having kids isn’t an excuse,” the commenter wrote. This message seemed to criticize Pedersen’s “post-baby body,” which can include loose skin, fat redistribution, and stretch marks — all totally normal changes to a post-baby body.  


Reply to @lafemmelegale I’m not going to let mom shame keep me from shining!!! #momshame #momstomach #momtummy #postpartumbodies #mombodsarehott #moms

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Pedersen posted a TikTok replying to this body-shaming comment. In the video, she lip-synchs to Olivia Rodrigo’s new anthem good 4 u and writes, “I see your mom shaming and raise you by radical self love and acceptance!!!” 

She then backs up to reveal her belly and dances freely as more clapbacks to the insensitive comment appear, including “loose skin doesn’t go away with exercise,” “Moms don’t need more shame/guilt added to their lives,” and “Mom shaming says more about your self esteem than mine.”

Full-on support

Pedersen, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Social Media,” specializes in helping parents become “successful social media managers.” As a former single mom on welfare, Pedersen has been through her share of life’s struggles and won’t let a rude comment slow her down. And her followers are in full support! 

Pedersen’s followers showered her vulnerable video with praise. One user wrote, “As if your only value in this world is someone else’s beauty standards.” 

“You are such an inspiration!” read another comment.

Many users seemed to agree that Pedersen was brave for defending herself and standing her ground against problematic expectations for new parents! 

Pedersen’s TikTok spotlights the pressure postnatal parents face to lose baby weight. By exposing herself physically and emotionally on the social media platform, Pedersen sent a message to new parents who might feel insecure about their body changes — positivity and self-love will far outlast the sting of a negative comment.

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