TikTok mom shares clever hacks for bringing baby to the beach

A mom on TikTok shared her hacks for bringing a baby to the beach, and parents everywhere should take note! 

Kate Bast (@thebastfamily) posted a TikTok of her clever baby beach day tips. The video, which has more than 6.1 million views, has caused serious waves in the comments section, with both current and future parents showing the love!

Here are the helpful hacks that Kate shared in her viral clip:


Our top BABY BEACH hacks! Hope these help this summer ☀️ #babyhack #beachvibes #summerhack #babyhacks #momhack #beachday #momlife #FYP #beach #family

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  1. Apply sunscreen with a makeup brush

Using a makeup brush gives parents more control over where the sunscreen goes, and the soft brush will feel nice on your baby’s face! Kate’s daughter definitely seems to be enjoying her spa-like sunscreen treatment. As parents know all too well, that isn’t always the case. 

2. Bring a baby bathtub for water play 

Kate fills a baby bathtub with ocean water and places it in a sunny spot so that the water warms up. Then she tosses in some bath toys and watches her daughter as she splashes away. It’s like her own mini ocean! 

3. Make a playpen out of a fitted sheet

Kate stretches a fitted sheet over the sand and places large objects like chairs and coolers on the corners to keep it in place. It’s the perfect soft (and mostly sand-free) play area for a young beachgoer!

4. Store toys in a mesh bag 

Kate suggests storing toys in a mesh bag, so that the sand stays at the beach instead of on your floor at home

Parents weigh in

Moms and dads flooded the comments section thanking Kate for her clever hacks. 

“The baby tub is actually so smart for babies who are afraid of waves,” wrote one user. 

“Perfect timing! Going in 2 weeks with my 11-month-old!” wrote one thankful mom. 

Parents-to-be were also making sure they saved the video so that their future selves would remember to watch it before beach day.

“PLEASE NEVER [DELETE] THIS I NEED THIS FOR [FUTURE] REFERENCE,” an enthusiastic future parent wrote. 

“*Adds to favorites even though I’m 20 without kids*,” wrote another. 

When it comes to a day at the beach, it’s never too early to start preparing!

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