TikTok mom shares ‘secrets’ behind her innovative ‘stay healthy station’

Shannon Doherty is a mom of four from Connecticut and the founder of Coco and Lala, a lifestyle brand for women and children. She’s also a mommy vlogger on TikTok where she provides tips and tricks on how to manage a household, like how to make a kid’s breakfast station or an easy gas pump hack.

Doherty showed how her family follows safety protocols during the pandemic with her “stay healthy station.” 

Near the home’s entrance, the mom strategically placed a bar cart with supplies. There are assorted flavors of candy-scented hand sanitizer keychains for the taking. Doherty set up a bin with prepackaged face masks in adorable patterns and a bowl with trendy mask chains for those in the mood. She included a package of hand wipes along with extra hand sanitizers in Blow Pop, Dots and Smarties flavors. 

The idea was a hit with TikTok users and racked up over 1.5 million views. 

“It makes me want to use the candy-scented and I love the mask fabric. The pink rosebuds are beautiful,” another wrote

“This is the level of extra I want to be when I’m a parent,” someone commented

“OMG. I love it,” one person said

Doherty has been taking measures to keep her family safe during the pandemic. In March, Coco and Lala launched a t-shirt campaign to encourage others to wash their hands and raise money for No Kid Hungry.

“My children miss their grandparents and aunties,” Doherty said according to Yahoo News. “I want my children to know that little actions today, like washing hands, can make a huge difference for their grandparents and loved ones to help keep everyone safe.” 

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