TikTok mom touches millions after sharing story about teen daughter’s pregnancy

A TikTok mom has reached millions of people after sharing her 17-year-old daughter’s story.

Nicole Hennessy is a mother of three who initially downloaded TikTok in April 2020 as a way to beat boredom. She frequently shares videos of her kids, which includes her daughter Angelina, who is seven months pregnant.

After receiving tons of comments requesting to hear Angelina’s story, Hennessy — with her daughter’s permission and approval — decided to make a video about it.

In a now viral TikTok, Hennessy reenacts the moment she found out Angelina was pregnant.

First, Hennessy walks into the bathroom and discovers discarded wrapping from a pregnancy test. She confronts Angelina, who confirms that it was from a pregnancy test she bought, but Angelina said it was negative. After Angelina leaves for school, Hennessy says that “her gut” tells her that she should buy another test for her daughter just to make sure.

Hennessy sits outside the bathroom waiting and hears Angelina crying over a positive test result. Immediately, Hennessy hugs her daughter and tells her she’ll be OK.

Hennessy then explains to a very “scared and confused” Angelina that she has three options: Abortion, putting the baby up for adoption or keeping the baby.

In four days, the video has racked up almost 14 million views. Thousands of comments flooded in praising Hennessy for giving her daughter options and support.

“Three options ? YOU ARE AMAZING !!!! Thank you for teaching her the right way instead of being forced to have it if she didn’t want to,” one person replied.

“Thank you for including all choices,” another commented.

Even doctors chimed in, including Dr. Leslie, a popular TikTok personality and family medicine resident. She thanked Hennessy for her comprehensive approach to pregnancy.

Of course, there was an onslaught of negative comments as well, which Hennessy addressed in a follow-up video.


Responding to all the hate from yesterday’s video. #teenmom #positiveparenting #benice

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“I respect that everybody has different opinions, we’re human and we have that right,” she says in the clip. “My daughter is also a human with that right and my job as her mother was to educate her and help her be the best person that she wants to be.”

Hennessy continued on to say that her and her daughter mulled over the three options very carefully. She said that giving Angelina different outlooks will help her daughter become a “strong” and “independent” woman, capable of making tough decisions for herself.

“I hope you raise your children the same way,” she concludes the TikTok.

“More parents need to be like this,” a commenter responded.

Ultimately, Angelina decided to keep the baby and, according to one of Hennessy’s comments, is due sometime in September.

“Thats a tough choice to make and she’s lucky to have such a supportive mother,” someone replied to the announcement.

According to an interview with Insider, Hennessy said that since posting the videos, she’s received an influx of messages from teenagers asking how they can break the pregnancy news to their own parents.

“I think that parents sometimes forget that their teenagers want that open, honest relationship. They want to go to their parents,” she told Insider. “And when we get upset or judge quickly, it pushes our kids away from being open and honest with us.”

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