TikTok mom’s sandwich hack for the beach saves tons of time: ‘Awesome idea!’

This mom’s giant sandwich hack will save you a ton of time prepping for a day at the beach.

TikTok mom and food hack expert Cheyenne (@cheysingh) tried out a hack she found on the internet to make packing food for the beach easier than ever!


What’s your favorite beach hack?

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Instead of making 12 separate sandwiches, she got a pack of Hawaiian rolls and cut them in half lengthwise as if they were one large loaf of bread

Next, Cheyenne spread mayonnaise on the entire mega sandwich and added Buffalo chicken, cheddar cheese and a layer of mustard. 

Once Cheyenne finished adding her toppings, she placed the top layer of bread onto the sandwich. Then, she cut the rolls individually to create 12 identical smaller sandwiches!

Cheyenne’s favorite part of the sandwich hack is that the rolls fit right back into the original bag that they came in, making for easy transport! 

‘Awesome idea!’

Viewers loved this hack and expressed their appreciation in the comments section.

One TikToker wrote, “This is a great idea for my three boys when we go to the beach! Thanks!”

Other viewers shared their own great beach hacks. One user commented, “Awesome idea! I freeze water bottles and use them as ice packs and then they melt by the time you drink all your [drinks] and need water!” Hydration is key!

Another beach lover wrote, “I pre-cook hot dogs and place them in buns, wrap in foil, and keep in [a] soft cooler to maintain warmth. I use throwaway condiment packages!”

Another parent had a different type of beach hack. They joked, “Leave the kids and husband at home! I just need a chair, a book, and drinks.”

This time-saving and space-efficient hack is definitely worth a try!

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