TikTok mom’s viral breast-pumping hack will save parents so much time

Ashley Newton, aka UnlicensedtoMom (@unlicensedtomom), shared a simple breast-pumping hack on her TikTok page that’s racked up more than 1.6 million views.

In the video, Newton places the breast milk storage bag inside her bottle and then attaches the breast shield. The idea is to pump directly into the bag so you don’t have to wash the bottle. And nobody needs to save time more than new parents!


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Pumping directly into bags isn’t just a time saver, it’s also a space saver. According to Healthline, freezer-friendly bags are a pumping must-have as they take up less space than bottles do. Considering more than 85% of breastfeeding parents pump milk at some point, chances are many will find this hack helpful.

To ensure proper sterilization, keep sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer around to wipe off your hands and supplies — and always make sure you wash your hands before and after pumping. 

The parent-friendly video has garnered thousands of thankful comments.

“[Y]ou did not just do this to me…locking this in the brain vault for the next one,” wrote one user, whose comment logged more than 900 likes.

“[O]mg this is amazing, I’m so trying this!!” read another. 

Some parents lamented about not knowing this hack sooner. “GIRL! Where was this advice 2 years ago when I NEEDED IT?!?” 

“[O]mg. Seriously??? I just spilt so much milk today and cried. I’m trying that tomorrow!” 

Whoever said there’s no crying over spilled milk has clearly never pumped their own breast milk — aka liquid gold!

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