Gen Z is obsessed with this iPhone photo editing hack

The iPhone 12 is out and TikTokers are already discovering all its secrets. 

Using the phone’s new photo editing features, one TikTok user discovered a way to look like she was perfectly sunkissed. She shared her knowledge and the quick tutorial exploded with millions of views. You might say people are interested in looking like they’ve been out in the sun — after over a year of being stuck inside. 

TikTok’s iPhone photo editing hack

The user @anaugazz shared a step-by-step hack, using her iPhone’s photo editing app, to turn a car selfie into a radiant portrait. 

The video received over 13.2 million TikTok views. 

“Sis just changed the game,” one person wrote

“I just did this on one of my pictures and it has never looked better,” another said

“At the beginning, I was like, ‘nah’ and then wow,” someone commented

How to do the iPhone photo editing hack

Here are the setting needed to get that “Indie” filter vibe. Be sure to them in this exact order to achieve the desired effect. 

  • Exposure at 100 
  • Brilliance at 100
  • Highlights at -32 
  • Shadows at -26
  • Contrast at -30
  • Brightness at 15
  • Black point at 10
  • Saturation at 10 
  • Vibrance at 8
  • Warmth at 10
  • Tint at 29
  • Sharpness at 14
  • Definition feature at 23
  • Lower the exposure back to 0

Just check out @i.fyy’s results of the photo hack. Her skin is absolutely glowing. 

User @angelysiaa managed to capture the sunkissed look from her bedroom thanks to the trick. 

Then @lolabella gave it a try on a photo of herself near the park. 

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