TikTok potato hack might be the answer to those deep, awful pimples: ‘I have tried everything’

The internet is a treasure trove of DIY acne remedies that range from toothpaste (do not do that) to apple cider vinegar to now, according to skincare TikTok, half of a potato.

Céline Bouvie woke up one morning with a cystic pimple on her forehead. To those who have been blessed by angels or genetics and have never experienced one, a cystic pimple is a red, tender bump filled with pus. They are absolutely the worst and cannot be popped.

“It hurts so bad, it’s like throbbing on my forehead,” Bouvie described at the beginning of the video. “So, I’m going to try the potato trick.”

Bouvie slices a baby yellow potato in half — not for any specific reason other than that’s all she had in her kitchen — places the inside of the potato onto her forehead and tapes it there.

“Supposedly the potato is supposed to suck the stuff out of the zit and make the swelling go away,” Bouvie explained. “I will update you guys in six or seven hours.”

Within three minutes, Bouvie said that the throbbing already disappeared.

“It’s just, like, soothing the area, so that’s fantastic,” she said.

Four hours later, Bouvie peeled off the potato and revealed a significantly smaller and less red bump on her forehead.

“Oh my god!” she said when she realized the potato did shrink the size of her pimple.

“Wait I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this type of acne,” one person commented. “I’m going to be so mad if a POTATO is what fixes that I stg I’ve had it for 6 yrs.”

“My mom wraps potatoes on my forehead for migraines, no wonder I get no acne,” another user added. Also, yes, apparently potatoes are a quick-fix for migraines too.


If you want to try this out, the first thing to note is you don’t need to put half a potato on the spot. A thin slice will supposedly do the same amount of work.

The starches from the potato can soothe inflammation and absorb oil and because potatoes are also rich in vitamin C, they can help minimize discoloration from the pimple.

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