A TikToker is attempting to beat Bella Poarch’s TikTok likes record with a video of a pumpkin

For some odd reason, the internet loves it when inanimate objects try to dethrone influencers and beat them at their own game.

In January 2019, for instance, Instagram users from all over the world banded together to help a random stock photo of an egg get more than 18.4 million likes in under 10 days to become the most-liked Instagram of all time. (Previously, the record was held by Kylie Jenner.) Today, that same egg has more than 54 million likes, plus more than 5 million followers.

Now, an anonymous TikTok user is trying to recreate that same success, this time with a picture of a pumpkin. Their goal? To get more likes than Bella Poarch, who current holds the record for most-liked TikTok of all time with her “M to the B” video, which has 40.3 million likes and counting.

On Oct. 21, the anonymous TikTok user uploaded their video to TikTok under the account pumpkinseenroundtheworld. “I know we can do this, make history,” they captioned their video, which called on users to help them get more likes than Poarch.

The anonymous pumpkin’s goal is much loftier than the Instagram egg’s was, but so far they seem to be doing well. At the time of writing, the pumpkin has already received more than 4.6 million likes in under 24 hours — and if they keep it up at this rate, they should be able to break Poarch’s record in under two weeks.

In the comments, people have been showing their support for the pumpkin as it races to become the next World Record Egg.

“I’m weirdly excited about this one!” one person said.

“Pumpkin shall be victorious,” another added.

Many noted that they wanted the pumpkin to be successful simply because they didn’t understand the hype around Poarch.

“Who else doesn’t like Bella,” one person commented.

“Bella’s video is so embarrassing y’all have got to do better,” another wrote.

Make sure to give the pumpkin video a like to be part of history!

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