New TikTok filter pits your favorite rappers against each other

March Madness is a little over a month away, but it’s never too early to start doing some brackets — even if they aren’t related to college basketball.

TikTok has a new filter available that lets you create a bracket with the top rappers of all time and go round by round until the best rapper is crowned. The bracket starts with 16 rappers. After the initial matchup, the filter puts the winner into the quarterfinal matchup. All you have to do is pick the winner by tilting your head in the direction of your rapper of choice. 

Right now, the “rappers bracket” filter, which was created by Felipe Alves (@felipealves3), has over 51,000 thousand videos. 

As with any bracket, there’s been a lot of disagreement about some people’s picks

“You Choose Quavo Over Fab No Ma’am,” said @iam.lp_ in the comments. 

“Drake vs. Nicki? Are we fr?,” said @gavbolt

The disagreements didn’t stop there either, as you can find some in every video


i’m a barb tho that’s not fair

♬ original sound – Abdoul Chamberlain

“Bro said Laroi over harlo that’s crazy,” said @your_friendly_idiot1.

“NOT CHOOSING JID IS INSANE,” commented @thesaltoflogan.

As you can see, creating a bracket that everyone will agree on is nearly impossible. 

Along with the actual decisions that people make with their bracket choices, the songs in the background are also an integral part of the rapper bracket. Although the videos above are just the creator talking, many people have decided to use “SAFARI” by Tyler, the Creator or “FreakyT” by TiaCorine. There have been other song choices used, but those are the most popular with this filter. 

Brackets force you to say someone or something is better than another, which is the exact reason why this filter is dominating Rap TikTok

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