How do I get the TikTok recipe button? You may have to be patient

Snagging recipes from TikTok might be getting easier thanks to a new feature. 

It’s hard to avoid delicious recipes when they’re on a visual medium like TikTok. Something as simple as a mouth-watering baked feta pasta tutorial can send the entire social media stratosphere into a tizzy. 

While it’s a good place to find cool recipes, actually figuring out the specific details can be hard on the app. There’s no easy way for content creators to display exact measurements without great effort — but that could be changing soon. 

TikTok is testing out a “recipe” button that will allow users to add a direct link to recipes from Whisk, an app for recipe-saving and shopping lists. 

How does the TikTok “recipe” button work? 

The feature is visible from the TikTok app and appears as a button overlayed on the video that says “see full recipe” above the creator’s name. Joanne L. Molinaro, AKA @thekoreanvegan, was one of the first creators to use the feature. 

When you tap “see full recipe” it will open up the recipe on a special Whisk page that’s still inside the TikTok app.  

If you’re a creator making a video, you simply use the new “add link” function to insert the recipe when uploading a video. 

How do I get the TikTok “recipe” button? 

In order to access the feature, you, unfortunately, have to be in TikTok’s alpha testing group. The new function won’t appear on all recipe videos just yet and it won’t be available to everyone until TikTok says so. 

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