Infamous TikTok gossip page disappears from the internet

Celebrity gossip is changing. First, it was on tabloids, then it was on blogs, now it has migrated to social media. 

From the Diet Prada to DeuxMoi, Instagram is the place to be if you want to know what famous folks are up to. But fame is changing as well. You don’t have to be a movie star or pop singer to have millions of fans. Enter: TikTok Room, an Instagram account that follows the chaotic lives of TikTok’s most popular influencers

What is TikTok Room? 

TikTok room is like a Gen Z spin-off of the Shade Room, an infamous gossip-focused Instagram account. While the Shade Room documents drama, typically surrounding Black celebs, TikTok Room follows young internet influencers

Not to get too confusing but although TikTok Room is centered around TikTok stars, it is located on Instagram. The account had well over 2 million followers before its recent disappearance.

Who runs TikTok Room? 

The Gen Z minds behind TikTok Room prefer a bit of anonymity (a little ironic considering they curate scandals from the internet’s biggest over-sharers). 

Elasia and Nat founded TikTok Room. They’re two teenage girls but they won’t give up their full names or exact ages. Nat is from Texas while Elasia is from New Jersey. 

“We just want to make it like the next TMZ, the go-to news source for TikTok. We’re already headed towards that goal,” Elasia told No Filter Pub of the account’s ultimate goal. 

What happened to the TikTok Room Instagram account?

Although TikTok Room is usually about other people’s drama, this time the page is at the center of it. Followers were stunned in March when they went to check TikTok Room’s Instagram and got the message, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” 

Tech reporter Taylor Lorenz got the inside scoop, however. Nat and Elasia revealed that they temporarily disabled their account. They gave no explanation as to why and didn’t say when it would be back. 

But we know that in 2020 the girls told No Filter Pub that constantly updating the page was their biggest hurdle. 

“I think the biggest challenge for us is trying to satisfy now a million people and balancing it with normal life. It requires you to be on your phone 24/7. It helps having two people for sure,” Elasia told the publication. 

Here’s where it is in the meantime

On June 22, TikTok Room announced on its Twitter that the “TikTok Room main page will be back shortly” and to follow its TikTok in the meantime. 

However, their TikTok account already appears to have disappeared. 

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