TikToker roasted for giving controversial dating advice

A man on TikTok is facing backlash after he posted a video sharing his dating advice, which many users dubbed both sexist and weirdly similar to dog training.

Myron Gaines, a life and fitness coach from Miami, was advising male viewers how to “punish” a woman who wants to reschedule a date. Gaines has since deleted his TikTok account, but people on Twitter were able to screen record the clip before it disappeared.

“When a girl tells you ‘let’s reschedule’… respond with this…” Gaines captioned the video.

“You simply respond, ‘Hey, that’s cool, but I’m not really a fan of flaky girls,'” Gaines suggested. “‘If we go out, you’re going to pay for drinks and dinner’ or whatever plan you guys had because the reality is this: with women, when they give you undesirable behavior, you need to punish it immediately so she knows it’s not acceptable.”

For the record, no. Things do come up and scheduling conflicts happen, so there is absolutely no need to punish someone for postponing a date. Also, language like “undesirable behavior” and “positive reinforcement” is typically used when talking about dog training, not dealing with human beings.

“A woman rescheduling a date is not ‘bad behavior’ nor does it deserve to be punished,” a person tweeted. “There is no need to punish & manipulate someone for being busy or having an emergency.”

“If a red flag were a man…” someone tweeted in response.

“this def straight out of the ‘how to train your dog for dummies’ book,” another replied.

According to some screenshots posted to Twitter, Gaines has a track record of posting some misinformed dating advice on TikTok. Some other titles include, “Never Be Vulnerable To Your Girl” and “How To Date Multiple Girls At The Same Time.”

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