TikTok skateboarder stuns viewers with complicated stunts

Tracy Chan is a skateboarder on TikTok, under the handle pettysmart007, who’s accumulated 1.2 million followers on the platform who are mesmerized by her skateboarding videos.

Chan’s preferred skateboard is a longboard — a longer and wider board made for cruising and high speeds. And cruise is the apt word to describe Chan’s graceful movements and footwork as she explores the city in her short TikTok videos

In a video with 9 million views, Chan races down the sidewalk on her longboard. She switches the position of her feet, almost like she is dancing. But that’s only half the trick. Chan hops off her board and lets it roll. That’s when her friend jumps on, flips the board under his feet and keeps stunting. 

But her most popular clip is a near-miss situation. However, the mistake is barely there to an untrained eye. 

“Almost fell over,” the caption reads

Chan cruises down the street in a long yellow hoodie. She rides her skateboard with one leg. Then she switches legs and does a spin from the front of the board to the back. Next, Chan does a finger flip trick. The board rotates on its vertical axis and she grabs it with her hand to land back into place. Although she does stick the landing, it’s a little clunkier than usual. 

The video racked up 57 million views on TikTok. Most people didn’t see anything wrong with Chan’s skateboard session. 

“Bro, I fall over if I just look at a longboard,” one user wrote

“So where did you almost fall over?” another asked.

“I can’t even stand on the skateboard,” someone said

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