TikTok teens are circulating their Snapchat info in hopes of landing a boyfriend

TikTok teens are sharing their Snapchat information publicly in hopes of getting a boyfriend.

Teenage girls on TikTok are stuffing slips of paper or cards with their Snapchat information into pants, shorts and sometimes underwear in various stores in order to woo a potential boyfriend.

In news that simultaneously makes me feel very old and very angry, girls are dubbing the tactic: “How to get a boyfriend 101.”

In one TikTok with over 6 million views, user Audrey Quast filmed two friends running around a Dick’s Sporting Goods and sliding pieces of purple and yellow paper into various items.

“DYI [sic] on how to pick up your perfect manz based on your favorite style,” the TikTok starts out. There’s also a caption adding that the paper contains the girls’ Snapchat information.

Some of the papers read, “If you’re between 19-25 years old, Snap me!”

Commenters immediately pointed out the many, many cons that outweighed the pros in this scheme.

“It’s all fun games until some guy buys a jacket and his girlfriend finds it,” one pointed out.

“Embarrassed for ya,” another added.

“As someone who works in a sporting goods store … I am so tired of picking these up [off] of the floor,” someone commented.

According to another reply the third commenter posted, “people do it all the time.”

The girls featured in Quast’s TikTok followed up with another video to show “the results.” For the most part, they discovered a lot of their notes were still sitting in the store.

One of the girls actually got a Snapchat message from a guy who found her information on the windshield of his truck outside of the Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“Lol I’m gonna be honest lmao I’ve got a fiancé I just wanted to see if u were a taco enthusiast like me lol,” he captioned a selfie he sent her.

(Biased editor’s note: Um, if you were my fiancé I would kill you.)

The part two video seemed to have a different, more encouraging reaction from TikTok.

“If I find my soulmate aka husband I’ll invite you guy to the wedding for sure,” one person said.

“LMAO I’m going to do this,” another said.

There are a lot of reasons why you should not do this. For one, you have no idea who is shopping where and who is finding your Snapchat information. You also have no idea who knows about this trend and is specifically looking for girls’ Snapchat information. And, you have no idea what strangers can do with your Snapchat information, or who is on the other end of a Snapchat conversation.

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