TikTok star and lovable man-child David Dobrik spent $10,000 on an Iron Man suit

Since TikTok star David Dobrik is bored in the house and in the house bored, he’s been treating himself to sundry impulse purchases.

On July 19, the multimillionaire uploaded a video showing off one of his more recent purchases, which he says he bought “because of TikTok.”

“This is 100 percent my favorite thing,” Dobrik says in the video. “It cost me a little over $10,000. I know it sounds stupid, but once you see it, you’ll understand.”

The $10,000 impulse purchase Dobrik is referring to is a fully functioning Iron Man suit.

“This is sick,” Dobrik says as he does his best Tony Stark pose. “Oh my god. It’s f****** sick. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never had one of these.”

Given how expensive the Iron Man suit was, fans had a mixed response to Dobrik’s reveal.

Most people thought Dobrik’s video was pure and noted that they wanted a suit of their own.

“Hahahaha omg this is the dream!!” one person said.

“Worth it,” another user added.

However, some users called out Dobrik for spending such an obscene amount of money on what is essentially a toy.

“I can’t even afford anything from Walmart,” one person said.

“My student loans are worth 35 of those,” another user added.

“$10,000…. I- ….can’t,” a third person commented.

“$10,000????? For that? It’s just some plastic with lights,” a fourth person noted.

It’s worth noting that though Dobrik does spend his hard-earned cash on some pretty ludicrous things, he has been known to share the wealth.

In February, Dobrik surprised a mom who was working multiple jobs with a $25,000 check. In April, he also partnered with EA and surprised some fans who had been affected by COVID-19 with iPads, PS4s, Xboxes, cars and cash.

What a generous king!

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