TikTok star Tabitha Brown reacts to toddler making her recipe

Actress and vegan foodie Tabitha Brown is inspiring a new generation of chefs. 

The TikTok star posted a reaction video to a little girl making one of Brown’s easy sandwich recipes. The toddler, Ana, who goes by AMC Princess Ana on Instagram, is raising awareness about Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a condition that stiffens the joints and limits their range of motion. 

Ana was diagnosed with AMC before she was born when her mother was 18 weeks pregnant. Her mom and her grandmother regularly share content about Ana’s life and journey across all social media platforms, but it was a recent video that caught Brown’s eye. 


#duet with @amcprincessana My day has been made!!! I love you Princess Ana❤️😘!!! #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – amcprincessana

“Hi everyone, it’s AMC Princess Ana here. Today we are making a special sandwich that we learned to make from Tabitha Brown,” Ana says in the video.

“Oh yeah,” Brown chimes in from the split-screen. 

“Tabitha Brown is an awesome lady she is on TikTok and Facebook. And we love her so much.” Ana explains. 

“I love you,” Brown says back.

“First, you start with bread,” Ana begins.

“Come on bread,” Brown says giddily.   

“Add your mayo. You can add pepper to mayo if you want to,” Ana says.

“‘Cause that’s your business,” Brown says, repeating one of her signature phrases.

Ana laid out Brown’s recipe perfectly. A sandwich with mayo, optional pepper, everything bagel seasoning (the secret ingredient), sliced tomatoes and dill. The video received over 800,000 views and TikTok users were just as charmed as Brown was. 

“Now, am I supposed to be emotional about this? Because that’s what happened,” another said. 

“Tabitha, you got me crying out here at 2 am, this is too cute,” another person wrote. 

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