TikTok star under fire for allegedly claiming an Ashanti song as her own

Influencer Danielle Cohn is facing backlash after being accused of trying to pass off Ashanti’s 2002 song “Foolish” as her own.

The influencer, who has 18 million followers on TikTok, has been trying to launch her music career recently.

On September 4, she released a cover of the Ashanti hit. Though much of the immediate criticism pertained to the quality of the song, many spoke out about how Cohn presented it — she asked her followers to “go make a video to my new song” without mentioning it was a cover.

In the below video, the caption has been updated to clarify that it is a cover — but the original TikTok post did not.

Cohn’s mom and manager, Jen Archambault, told BuzzFeed News her daughter “made a mistake” when she “put ‘song’ instead of ‘cover'” in the caption. She added that they obtained licenses and permissions from Ashanti’s team to cover the song.

“She is a teenager. … She made a mistake on a TikTok,” Archambault said. “I think this is out of hand.”

Outrage has only grown since the song was released.

“Not this white Girl stealing Ashanti’s song and trying to claim it as her own,” one Twitter user wrote in a post that was retweeted more than 30,000 times.

“Y’all there’s a whole video … The edges, The Make-up … Ashanti is rolling in her Egyptian Sheets,” another said.

Cohn finally addressed the issue on September 6 by tweeting, “Do people not understand what a cover is?”

Ashanti hasn’t commented on the matter yet, so it seems the beef is mostly between her fans and Cohn.

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