TikTok users are sharing the most ‘evil’ thing they did as a kid — and just, wow

A new TikTok Stitch trend has users sharing the most “evil” thing they ever did as children.

For those who aren’t familiar, TikTok’s Stitch function allows users to add someone else’s video to the start of their own. Often, it results in trends during which users “challenge” one another to share personal anecdotes.

In this case, the challenger was Ryan Michael Annese. The TikToker asked users to share the most “messed up” thing they did when they were kids — and the responses got pretty wild.

Take Olivia Wilson for example. The NYC-based TikToker shared a story about how, as a young girl, she deleted her older brother’s entire research paper.


#stitch with @rytoast10 RIP to Jeff’s research paper. It wasn’t me though it was ✨Patricia✨ #Wee #WeirdPets #storytime #foryoupage #fyp #middlechild

♬ original sound – Olivia Wilson

As Wilson explains, her younger self was sometimes convinced that her life was a TV show. She saw herself as a character — the “evil” little sister.

“It was funny but also kind of like a psychological disorder,” Wilson says in her clip. “I would look off-camera and be like, ‘Can you believe this is happening?'”

One time, she thought she could stir up trouble on the “show” by pretending to delete her older brother’s essay. The only problem? She actually did it.

Another incredible “evil” deed came from user Justin Atkinson. In his video, he explained how he “stole” money from a fundraiser at his school — thanks to an ingenious, candy-based scheme.


#stitch with @rytoast10 #learningopportunity #messedup #messedupthings #messedupchildhood #asachild #asakid #theft #stealing #whyisuck

♬ original sound – Justin Atkinson

As Atkinson explains in his clip, his junior high school hosted a “blind bag” charity event, where students donated $1 for the right to pick from a mystery bag of Starbursts. Any kid who pulled out a yellow Starburst would not only get their money back — they’d get $10.

Atkinson, realizing his school vending machines had Starbursts in them, bought extra candy and stuffed the yellow ones down his sleeves. Then, he repeatedly acted like he’d pulled out a yellow Starburst and collected multiple $10 prizes.

“They were like, ‘This kid is so lucky!'” Atkinson says in the video. “[But] I was stealing from a fundraiser that was feeding other kids.”

Like so many other TikTok Stitch trends, Annese’s original question has sparked countless responses. Some users shared how they got away with a hit-and-run car accident or how their friends pranked them by changing their AOL Instant Messenger statuses.

As for Annese? He shared perhaps the most jarring story of all. According to his video, the TikToker nearly broke up his parents’ marriage — all because he wanted “two Christmases.”

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