TikTokers stunned by life-changing stove cleaning hack: ‘There’s no way’

TikTok video revealing the proper way to clean a dirty stovetop is blowing people’s minds. 

TikToker Taira Goy (@taira.goy) shared a clip demonstrating how to lift her electric coil cooktop in order to facilitate an easier, more thorough cleaning of the appliance.

“I know somebody in the world doesn’t know this,” she said in her video, while propping the range’s top up on two built-in stilts. “That’s how you clean under this. My mom never taught me, so I have to assume that y’alls mommas probably didn’t teach you either that this thing lifts up like a car hood.”

Tons of users were stunned by the TikTok stove cleaning hack, with many rushing to try it out themselves.

“WHAT,” wrote one user. “It’s 3am and I’m getting up to check this out.”

“I wasn’t told, but I found out the hard way thinking I broke my stove in my first apartment when I was 17,” commented another.

“Not all of them do this so please y’all, if it’s too hard to pull, your stove probably doesn’t do it,” a third commenter warned. “Some are meant to keep all the spills on top.”

Another TikToker, Jake Shirk (@shirk_media), who appears to own the same type of oven, stitched the video with a TikTok of himself trying out the trick. Sure enough, it worked like a charm — and he was flabbergasted.

“There’s no way,” he said. “It can’t be. I can’t keep learning things like this.”

But viewer beware — the simple method will not work on every type of range on the market. And, according to Hunker.com, there are different safety precautions to take when lifting the surface of a gas vs. an electric range.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions on your own range before attempting the TikTok stove cleaning hack.

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