TikToker’s travel hack for over-packers is ‘brilliant’

TikTok is losing it over this unconventional travel hack

Navigating airline rules can be exhausting. You have to carefully separate your items, ensure your liquids are the correct sizes and even weigh your luggage just to get on the plane. And, of course, if your luggage is overweight you’ve got to pay extra

A TikTok user who goes by @melanated_adventures shared how she gets around the rules. 

“Pillows are free overweight not bags,” she wrote in the video caption. 

She then proceeded to fill an empty pillowcase with clothing items. This way it not only functioned as a pillow for the trip but also as additional storage. Genius. 

The video received over 3.4 million views. TikTok users praised the idea.

“I’m a flight attendant and this is the best travel hack so far,” one user commented

“You know what, I thought I knew all the travel hacks but I needed this!” another said

“This is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen,” a TikToker wrote.

While many airlines will allow you to bring a pillow aboard, others may count it as a personal item. 

“Coats, travel pillows, books, etc. are all generally accepted as part of your attire,” according to the travel blog, Sleep Judge. “But due to the size of a pillow, if it cannot fit within your backpack or personal bag, it may be considered your one allotted personal item.”

So if you plan on using this hack, be sure to check what pillow size is appropriate for your airline. You don’t want to get stuck with any additional fees when that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid! 

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